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Promed owns the best blood pressure monitors around the world. Like upper arm blood pressure monitors, and wrist blood pressure monitors, coming with many international certificates.

  • CE-FDA-Blood-Pressure-Monitor-30B
  • CE-Blood-Pressure-Monitor-30E
  • CE-Blood-Pressure-Monitor-30F
  • Wrist-Blood-Pressure-Monitor-35D
  • CE-FDA-Blood-Pressure-Monitor-30B
  • CE-Blood-Pressure-Monitor-30E
  • CE-Blood-Pressure-Monitor-30F
  • Wrist-Blood-Pressure-Monitor-35D

Promed - Blood Pressure Monitor Manufacturer

With over 5,000 square meters, several production lines, and 300 employees, we are able to provide you with abundant types of blood pressure meters.

  • Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitors
  • Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors
  • Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors
  • Cost-effective Blood Pressure Monitors

Promed - A Trusted & Support Manufacturer for Blood Pressure Monitors

Blood Pressure Monitors are the most common-to-see medical equipment in people’s daily life. It’s widely used in families, healthcare centers for elders and athletes, and some enterprises and public institutions.

If you are interested in selling blood pressure monitors or looking for an alternative for your current blood pressure monitor line, Promed would be a trusted partner for you.

We have many types of blood pressure monitors for you to choose from. We have upper arm blood pressure monitors, wrist blood pressure monitors, and ambulatory blood pressure monitors. Meanwhile, we have some cost-effective models that are prepared for those market that has a high sensitivity to prices.

If you are looking for a model with your brand, or with new packaging that is more attractive to your market, our professionals can help you.

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Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitors

Upper arm blood pressure monitors are the common type in the industry. Usually, it’s composed of a main unit, a long air tube, and a cuff.

Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors

A wrist blood pressure monitor is composed of a main unit, an air tube, and a cuff. Its portability & convenience is making it more suitable for outdoor use and office use.

Available Customization Options

Logo Printing
LOGO Printing

The logo is an important part of the company’s culture, it somehow stands for the core value and features of the company. We can help you to put it on different parts of the device.

Changing Packaging

Usually, when customers see a product, they first see the packaging. Good packaging grabs the attention of consumers and sets it apart from competitors.

Develop New Functions

Different markets may have different expectations of the functions of the products. If you want to have your blood pressure monitors speak Spanish, we can do that.

Develop a New Model

If you have a good idea about the design or the functions, we can help you to develop a brand new model. And we can assist your registration too.

Promote your sales with our multiple certifications

We have obtained various international certificates for our blood pressure monitors. No matter whether you are coming from South East Asia, Middle East Countries, European Union Countries, or from the United States, we have documents and certificates for your import and registrations.


Secure the quality with our advanced equipment & thoughtful services

Our factories have equipped with many advanced equipment, like auto-packing machines, X-RAY circuit board inspection machines, etc, and we promise the most severe quality control in the production and 100% of tests of all the items, to guarantee the quality, stability, and reliability of every product you order.

Why do Customers Insist On Collaborate With Us?


Promed is composed of a trained team and factories that are equipped with advanced equipment. We value the orders of every customer as much as we value our health.

As a professional blood pressure monitor manufacturer, our products have passed many international certificates, like CE, and FDA. And we have layout several severe quality control acts to secure our quality. In the meantime, our professionals can rapidly and accurately respond to every customization requirement you ask for. We will evaluate its feasibility and give you our advice based on our rich experiences.

Every cooperation shouldn’t just be telling demands-transfer payment-production arrangement-shipping, except for our professional ability and techniques, we will also provide you with our customization services, severe quality controls and quality certificates, pricing advantages, and excellent after sales services.

Promed is committed to offering you the highest quality products, and excellent services, to achieve a Win-Win eventually.


We use X-ray inspection instruments to inspect our electronic materials. The instruments will hit our materials with high voltage to generate X-rays, and penetrate the targets (materials) to inspect the good or bad quality of the inner structure of the materials.


Our factories have set up several auto-packing lines. Our automatic packaging machines will help us promote the efficiency, shorter the packing time, making sure we will not make mistakes, and we can finish your production on time.

What else?

Choose a cuff with a unique color to make your products more attractive.

Our standard configuration of blood pressure monitors is including a Black Cuff. But we usually have stocks of Blue Cuffs prepared in advance too, many of our customers will be interested in having a blue cuff.

However, we welcome you to customize your own color cuff.

We would like to remind you that according to the regulations of European Commission and the U.S. FDA, changing the color of the cuff MAY BE related to the change and supplement of documents or tests to verify its safety, reliability, and stability. You may want to check in advance to see if any additional documents or tests are required before you make the decision.

Choose a new voice for your blood pressure monitor machines.

We have our own English and Spanish sound sources as standard options for our customers to choose from. We could send you a recording demo to see whether the grammar is correct, and what’s your first impression of our sound sources.

If they are unacceptable to you. We can help you to make a new one!

We will convert the required words into English and send them to you in excel file format. You can record your own audio source according to the above content.

We promise you that we will not use your audio source on other customers’ products.

Promed - A Reliable & Cooperative Partner to Your Business

No matter whether you are price-driven or quality-first, we will always be your best option for blood pressure monitor manufacturers in China.

Promed’s Blood Pressure Monitors

What is a Blood Pressure Monitor?

A blood pressure monitor is a device used to measure human blood pressure and heart rate for health evaluation purposes. Usually, a blood pressure monitor is composed of a measuring unit (main unit) + a cuff.

There are two common types of blood pressure monitors – Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitors & Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors.


Blood Pressure monitors are applicable for hospitals, clinics, families, some enterprises and public institutions.

Why do we need it?

Blood Pressure Monitors can help people keep abreast of their health status and conduct scientific health management.

With the improvement of people’s health awareness and the aggravation of population aging, the market demand for blood pressure monitors is increasing day by day.


Please contact our professionals if you are interested in learning more.


What is the MOQ?

Different customization requirements will have different MOQ requirements. If printing Logo, or add a carrying bag, or changing the packaging, 1,000 pcs is ok. If changing the color of the shell, or a new color of the cuffs, the MOQ is more than 1,000 pcs.

Please let us know the complete requirements and so we can find the best solution for you.

Can I change the color of the buttons?

Absolutely, you can change the color of the buttons, or even the patterns on the button.

Can I change the design of the package?

Yes, you can change the design of the package. In fact, there are more options you can have. You can change the materials, change the paper weight, or add some special printing technology like UV.

My market requests medical device registrations before importing, can you provide the documents and samples?

We understand every market has different requipments about importing, and we respect them. We would love to support our customers to get the license. Please tell our professionals what materials do you need.

What is your lead time?

For OEM orders, the lead time will be vary according to your customization requirements. For you reference, if just change the packaging, we can finish the production in 20-25 days.

What is your trade term?

EXW, FOB, C&F, CIF, DDP, etc. Please contact our professionals for more details.

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