Your Trustable Nebulizer Manufacturer In China

Promed is the leading nebulizer manufacturer & supplier in China for more than 10 years. We are able to provide you with :

  • Standardized Products;
  • OEM Services for Compressor Nebulizers & Mesh Nebulizers;
  • ODM Services for Compressor Nebulizers & Mesh Nebulizers;
  • Compressor-Nebulizer-YS-03
  • Compressor-Nebulizer-NEB-832
  • Compressor-Nebulizer-YS-01
  • Compressor-Nebulizer-NEB-831
  • Best-Compressor-Nebulizer-NEB-821
  • Best-Rechargeable-mesh-nebulizer
  • Best-Nebulizer-N200
  • Best-Mesh-Nebulizer-N100
  • Compressor-Nebulizer-YS-03
  • Compressor-Nebulizer-NEB-832
  • Compressor-Nebulizer-YS-01
  • Compressor-Nebulizer-NEB-831
  • Best-Compressor-Nebulizer-NEB-821
  • Best-Rechargeable-mesh-nebulizer
  • Best-Nebulizer-N200
  • Best-Mesh-Nebulizer-N100

Highest Quality Nebulizers

Promed is a nebulizer manufacturer in China. We have been specialized in the R&D, and manufacturing of the products for many years.

We have:

  • Compressor Nebulizers
  • Mesh Nebulizers

Your Best Choice of Nebulizer Manufacturer & Supplier in China

Promed operates several factories that are respectively located in Shenzhen, Qingdao, and Zhuhai cities for many years. Our manufacturing facilities have passed GMP and ISO13485 certifications, owning over 300 staff (total), and can maximumly produce over 100,000 pieces of nebulizers (including compressor nebulizers and mesh nebulizers) per month.

Most of our products have obtained the EU CE certificate, and some of them are ANIVISA-approved as well. From our experience, the majority of customers who sell our products have achieved substantial profits and positive market reviews.

In addition, we also provide customers with various customized services (OEM&ODM). We support customers to customize their products according to their market experience and corporate culture. From packaging, accessories, and carrying bags, as well as the color and function of the product itself, we will do our best to help you achieve it.

Contact us if you are interested!

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Portable Mesh Nebulizers

Portable nebulization for your respiration health


Mesh Nebulizer


Mesh Nebulizer


Rechargeable Mesh Nebulizer

3 Products Found.

Compressor Nebulizer

Applicable for hospitals, healthcare centers, clinics, families.

Our Advantages


CE, FSC, ISO13485, ANVISA, etc. And we are trying to obtain more.

Finer Particles

MMAD<3μm, drugs can be easily delivered to the deep lungs.

Shorter Leading Time

We always prepare materials in advance to shorten the lead time.


We offer 1-year warranty to the products.

Quiet but High-Effective

Our products have more sophisticated designs and better compressors, which can greatly reduce the noise it produces when it works.

Quieter than others and the kids won’t wake them up while they’re sleeping!


Smaller and More Portable

All our nebulizers are smaller than similar products.

More streamlined design and compact size for easy storage. Our portable mesh nebulizer also fits in a handbag!

Medical-class Materials, Safer & More Assured

With the improvement of people’s awareness of their own health and safety, more and more household medical products have entered our lives. The materials used in it should be safe and can be touched with confidence.

To this end, we use medical-grade materials and take care of your safety.


Why Choose Promed to Be Your Partner?


We (PROMED) are one of the leading nebulizer manufacturers and suppliers in China, and we are the best and most cooperative nebulizer supply partner for many customers.

Our production facilities and products have obtained Chinese national certifications and international certifications, as well as our own patents. Over the years, we have been providing our customers with high-quality, cost-effective products.

Furthermore, we are also committed to being one of the solid foundations of our customers. The outbreak of the epidemic has had a great impact on material supply and factory operations, but thanks to our excellent team and good anti-risk capabilities, we can minimize risks and ensure that our customers will not be affected.

If you are looking for a new supplier for your nebulizer business, contact our experts and let us help you.

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We Pay More Attention to Your Experience

Taking into account the habits of users, we have launched nebulizers with storage chambers, nebulizers with rechargeable batteries, and nebulizers that can repeatedly replace mesh plates.

We pay more attention to your safety

We use medical grade materials for the casings of our products. Our batteries are also of high quality and guaranteed. Our products have also obtained EU CE certification.

More Professional

We have set up several independent production lines to produce different nebulizers (compression nebulizers and mesh nebulizers).

Our production facilities are accredited by the China Food and Drug Administration and passed the international standard ISO13485.

Faster Delivery

The delivery time of some materials is relatively long. For such materials, we will prepare in advance and over-prepare.

We will ensure that the goods are produced in the shortest possible time.

Free custom requirements

We have always believed that only customers know their market best and what their customers need best.

We welcome our customers to put forward their needs, and we will find a way to achieve them for you.

We are Always Online Waiting for You

Send your inquiry with models, quantities, and countries to us, our experts will contact you in 24 hours.

Relavant Certifications

  • “I think PROMED is one of the most hassle-free suppliers I’ve ever dealt with. They helped me prepare the required documents, very complete. I got my new import license soon!”

    Suneeta, Company Owner
  • “Their quality is better than my previous partner’s, but the price is affordable.”

    (Mr.) Gary, Importer
  • “I bought from someone else with a bag and the Promed team helped me find a similar bag but at a lower cost! Thank you, Promed :)”

    Leo from Malaysia
  • My family ran a small company that sells a variety of household products online. I’ve bought a lot of products at Promed, thermometers, blood pressure monitors, and nebulizers, it’s so convenient!

    Lydia, Family Business Owner
Are you manufacturer?

Yes, we are a leading nebulizer manufacturer in China. We sell various medical equipment for years. We have:

  • Nebulizer
  • Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Thermometer
  • etc.
What is your incoterms?

We accept Ex-Work factory, FOB, C&F, and CIF.

What is your Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

We don’t want customers to feel pressured by MOQ. Whether it’s switching suppliers or trying out new businesses, there are risks and pressures. We are happy to support new clients without compromising the interests of our existing clients and without disrupting the market.

Therefore, our MOQ is 1 unit.

What is nebulizer?

A nebulizer is one of the most commonly used household medical devices. It uses different technologies (or compressed air, or ultrasonic technology) to convert liquids into fine aerosol particles that can be absorbed by the body and delivered to the lungs, where drugs can work and treat respiratory diseases such as asthma and COPD, etc.

As a leading nebulizer manufacturer in China, Promed will always provide you with good quality nebulizers.

How to choose a nebulizer?

There are three common types of nebulizers on the market.

  1. Compression nebulizers
  2. (Portable) mesh nebulizers
  3. Ultrasonic nebulizers.

We recommend choosing only compression nebulizers or mesh nebulizers. Because the ultrasonic nebulizer may increase the temperature of the drug solution during operation, which may destroy the activity of the drug and reduce the therapeutic effect.

Choosing a compression nebulizer or a mesh nebulizer depends on your usage habits.

Promed’s compressed nebulizers and mesh nebulizers have good nebulization effects. Our atomized particles are mainly concentrated between 2.5 and 3.2μm (the best-atomized particles should be between 2.0 and 5.0μm. If the drug particles are too fine, the deposition rate in the lungs is lower, and if the drug particles are too huge, most drug particles will deposit in the throat, not the lungs).

When using a compressor nebulizer, you should pay attention to the disinfection and replacement of the nebulization kit, and do not put the nebulizer on the carpet to avoid blocking the air inlet. Also, because of the existence of the compressor, the noise of the compressor nebulizer is larger than that of the mesh nebulizer. If used in the office, it may disturb your colleagues.

The mesh nebulizer does not have this problem. The mesh nebulizer uses the high-frequency vibration of the ceramic sheet to allow the drug to be aerosolized into an aerosol through the pores on the nebulization sheet, so it is almost silent. Moreover, the volume of the mesh nebulizer is relatively small, and it is driven by a built-in battery or AA battery or an external power supply (such as a power bank and a laptop), which is very suitable for carrying around. The only caveat is cleanliness. Please make sure to clean after daily use to ensure the nebulizer can work properly.

How to clean and maintain a compressor nebulizer?

The compressor nebulizer is not waterproof, please do not put it in water. Also do not use a towel that is still dripping to prevent water from entering the inside of the machine. When cleaning the main unit, use a damp towel or alcohol pad to wipe the surface.

Do not soak the nebulization kit in high-temperature water or place it in a high-temperature environment to sterilize it to avoid deformation. We recommend replacing the nebulization kit regularly.

How to clean and maintain the mesh nebulizer?

Mesh nebulizers are not waterproof, please do not put them in water. Also do not use a towel that is still dripping to prevent water from entering the inside of the machine. When cleaning the main unit, use a damp towel or alcohol pad to wipe the surface.

Do not put the medication cup into boiling water or heat the medication cup to avoid damage to the medication cup. Some detergents may cause damage to the medication cup, please refer to our product manual for details.

When cleaning the medication cup, you can first add warm water of 45-55 degrees to the medication cup, and turn on the machine to atomize to clean the inside of the medication cup and the mesh plate. After the end, put the medication cup into 45-55 degrees warm water or put it in 75% alcohol for 10 minutes, take it out and wipe it dry.

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