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We provide different oximeters for your business.

For adults, for children; with LED display, with TFT display; etc

  • CE-FDA-Oximeter-70A
  • CE-Oximeter-AS-302
  • CE-Oximeter-AS-301
  • CE-Oximeter-AS-303
  • CE-FDA-Oximeter-70A
  • CE-Oximeter-AS-302
  • CE-Oximeter-AS-301
  • CE-Oximeter-AS-303

ISO13485, CE & FDA certified Oximeters

Promed is a professional oximeter manufacturer in China. Our manufacturing facilities have passed the quality management system ISO13485, and our products have obtained the EU CE & U.S. FDA certificates

Our products are available for the following markets:

  • South America;
  • North America;
  • Europe;
  • Asia;
  • Africa;

A Cooperative Oximeter Manufacturer to Rocket Your Business

Promed is a leading oximeter manufacturer & exporter in China. Our company owns several manufacturing facilities respectively located in different cities in China, and intends to provide the best quality oximeter to the world.

Most of our manufacturing facilities have passed the ISO13485 certificates, and our products have obtained the CE & U.S. FDA certificates. Meanwhile, we have obtained the latest MDR-CE certificates for some models! It means our oximeters have met the latest standards issued by the European Commission.

We also offer customization services for branders and distributors. If your esteemed company has years of experience and a good reputation in your area, we welcome you to select our customization services, and to specially make a model with your style!

Promed is committed to offering the highest quality products at reasonable prices. If you are looking for a partner for your respiratory business, we could be a good choice to you.

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CE & FDA certified Oximeters

Why Choose Us?

Customization Available

We are open to having your Logo on our oximeters or having a foreign design on the packaging. You are welcome to change the color, as well as the configuration list.

CE certified

The CE certificate is an essential credential to sell oximeters in the EU countries. Some Non-EU countries may recognize it and grant import permission on this basis.


FDA-cleared means that our products meet the U.S. FDA’s requirement, and our oximeters are allowed to sell in the US market.


Our oximeters are produced under diverse severe quality control progress and by our advanced equipment.

LCD display or TFT display

Most of the oximeters use LCD display. We offer additional option of the materials of displays for you to choose from.

TFT display provides a more rapid switching of the color and brightness of pixels, a clearer & better display effect, and wider monitoring angles.


Configure an additional carry case for traveling

We offer different sizes, colors, and materials for carrying cases for you to choose from. Each carrying case can easily fit the oximeter, the instruction for use, 2 pcs batteries, and a carrying line.

Meanwhile, we can also put your logo and your company information on the cases if necessary!

CE & FDA & CFDA Certified

Our oximeters have passed the CFDA, and other international certificates, like EU CE, and U.S. FDA. If you are going to sell our products to these countries, we can help you.

We also understand that you need to apply for import license before import, and we are happy to help you.

Please contact us for more assistance.


Your Best Oximeter Manufacturer in China


Promed is established to bring the highest quality products, excellent services, and affordable prices to every brand, distributor, and importer around the world.

Promed currently owns around 5,000 square meters of manufacturing bases, several production lines, and over 300 employees, in R&D, and manufacturing of home care products like oximeters, blood pressure monitors, thermometers, etc. Most of our products and facilities have been certified and recognized by many international organizations.

In Promed, you can find the most affordable oximeters. We have successfully cut the cost of a certain model of oximeter down, if your market has an extremely high sensitivity to prices, it could be a good choice for you.

If you want to differentiate your products from others, we also offer various customization options for you to choose from.

Please feel free to contact our professionals, and let’s have a further discussion soon.

Best-Selling Models

Finger Pulse Oximeter - AS-303
  • OLED screen bar graph;
  • Automatically power off;
  • Beep sound reminder;
  • One-button Operation;
Finger Pulse Oximeter - AS-301L
  • Red LED screen bar graph;
  • Automatically power off;
  • Beep sound reminder;
Finger Pulse Oximeter - 70A
  • LED screen;
  • Automatically power off;
  • Beep sound reminder;
  • 8s quick measuring;
We offer the best quality home care products

Not only we manufacturer oximeters, but also we manufacture blood pressure monitors, thermometers, and nebulizers, etc.

Our oximeters are quick measuring equipment, they can rapidly show your SpO2 and heart rate in 8s, and automatically turn off in 1 minute.

They have passed the CE and FDA certificates and can be sold to many countries.

Is this a medical device?

Yes, oximeters are medical devices. Please check with the customs, or some local agencies to figure out the requirements about importing.

Although we have the CE certificate & FDA certificate, but the customs may have other requirements too. Please let us know so we can prepare your goods and documents properly.

Can I ship them by air?

Yes, you can. Regarding shipping, we have some suggestions for you.

You can choose not to have batteries inside the package, this can reduce the difficulty to ship your oximeters, and may reduce your freight cost. However, if you need the batteries, we have battery test reports for your shipping too.

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