• CE-FDA-Oximeter-70A
  • CE-FDA-Oximeter-70A

Pulse Oximeter 70A


  1. Portable: lightweight, easy to put in your pocket
  2. LED screen: high brightness, large font size, can be seen clearly at night
  3. Accurate reading: photoelectric blood oxygen detection technology, non-invasive and painless blood oxygen measurement
  4. Multifunction: simultaneous measure the SpO2 and pulse rate
  5. Energy saving: Without use, auto-power off in 15 seconds

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Finger Pulse Oximeter

Display Type: Red LED display
SpO2 Measurement Range: 36~99%; Resolution: 1%; Precision: ±2%(70~99%), less than 70% no definition.
Pulse Rate Measurement Range: 30~250bpm; Resolution: 1bpm; Precision: 1% or 1bpm choose the bigger one.
Low Perfusion Error: SpO2 and pulse rate can be shown correctly when pulse-filling ratio is 0.2%.
Others Resistance to Ambient light interference ability
Power Supply DC 3.0V (2 × AAA alkaline batteries)


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