• CE-Blood-Pressure-Monitor-30E
  • Blood-Pressure-Monitors-30E
  • Blood-Pressure-Monitor-30E
  • CE-Blood-Pressure-Monitor-30E
  • Blood-Pressure-Monitors-30E
  • Blood-Pressure-Monitor-30E

Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, AOJ-30E

Basis Data:

Model AOJ-30E
Measuring Parts Arms
Measurement Method Oscillography
Measurement Range B.P.: 20~255mmHg
P.R.: 40~199bpm
Power 4xAAA Batteries or DC 5V Type C cable
Memories 2x99sets


  • Dual users, 2×99 memories
  • Irregular heartbeat detection
  • Visual warning
  • Automatic turn off
  • Display data and time
  • Accurate measurement

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Model AOJ-30D
Display Digital LCD display
Measurement Method Oscillography Measurement
Measuring Parts Upper Arm
Measuring Range BP: 0~255mmHg (0-37.3kPa)
PR: 40-199bpm
Accuracy BP: ±3mmHg
PR: ±5%
Auto Power-off 1 minute without operation
Power Source 4xAAA Batteries or DC 5V Type C cable
Applied Part Type BF
Operation Mode Continuous Operation
IP Classification IP22
Item Weight About 220g±5g (excl. batteries)
Dimension 118*98*61mm
Screen Size 33.6*43.5/3.2inch
Cuff Size 22-32cm
Service List 5years

Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor – 30E



Product Name Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
Display Mode LCD display
Measuring Method Oscillometric
Measuring Part Upper Arm
Measuring Range Pressure Value: 0-255 mmHg (0-37.3kPa)
Pulse Rate: 40-199 pulse Beats/min
Accuracy Pressure value: 30-255 mmHg:±3 mmHg (±0.4kPa)
Pulse rate: <30 mmHg: Not specified ±5% of display value
Low Battery 4.2V±0.1V: low battery; <4.0±0.1V:item will be turned off
Auto Power-off 1 minute without operation
Power Source 4xAAA DC6V or DC5V type C cable
Operation Mode Continuous operation
Weight About 220g (without batteries)
Dimension 118mm(length)*98mm(width)*61mm(height)
Screen Size 33.6mm(length)*43.5mm( width) 2.1 inches
Cuff Size 22-32cm (8.7-12.6 inches)
Service Life 5 years


1. 2 Users, 99 Sets of Memories for Each User
2. Energy-efficient: Without Use, Auto-power off in 60 Seconds
3. Easy to Use with One-button Operation, Visual Warning and Customizable Voice Broadcast
4. Adjustable and Long Cuff
Soft nylon fabric and velcro strip ensure a more comfortable measurement.
Cuff size optional for OEM/ODM orders. Please consult our account manager for references.
5. Intelligent Inflation Technology
Intelligent inflation technology is used to avoid discomfort caused by the sudden change of pressure and ensures a comfortable measurement.
6. Clinically Tested & 510K Approved
Our products are clinically tested and 510K approved to provide the highest possible accuracy in an at-home environments.
7. 510K, CE, ISO13485, BSCI, ROHS, REACH, FSC, FCC Approved
8. OEM/ODM and package LOGO customization

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