• Glucometer-G-427B
  • Glucometer-G-427B

Blood Glucose Monitor G-427B

Basic Data

Measuring Range: 20mg/dL~600mg/dL, Units: mg/dL
Memory 488sets
Result Broadcasting Yes
Backlit Yes


  • Rapid Measurement
  • Less Blood Samples
  • Bluetooth Optional
  • Backlit available
  • No Coding
  • etc

How to Operate

  1. Read the instruction for use;
  2. Wash and disinfect your hands;
  3. Take measurement;
  4. Disinfect the injured part as well as the meter.

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Blood Glucose Meter


Blood Glucose Meter

Model G-427B
Size 90mm (L)×54mm (W)×13mm(H)
Weight 73g (excl. batteries)
Result Broadcast Yes
Measuring Method Amperometric technology using glucose oxidase
Result Range 20mg/dL~600mg/dL Glucose
Units: mg/dL
Memory 488 blood glucose tests
Display LCD display  with backlit
Power Source DC 3V (AAA×2 alkaline batteries)
Battery Life Approx.500 normal tests
Blood Source Fresh capillary whole blood
Sample Volume Minimum 0.7ul
Bluetooth Optional

Backlist available

G-427B Glucometer is equipped with a high-resolution(HD) LCD display with backlit, making a more convenient reading experience.

Friendly to olderly!



The device is designed with a special button to eject the testing strips for hygiene purposes.

After each time use, slide the ejector button to eject the test strips.

Result Broadcasting

After every measurement, G-427B will automatically broadcast your measurement results.

It’s an intelligent meter for families!


Bluetooth 4.0 Transmission

Intelligent analysis to monitor and control blood glucose.

The testing result can be shared with families and doctors, which will letting them know better about the situation.

Blood Sugar Monitor




For family, hospitals, health care centers, etc.

Blood Glucose Monitor G-427B


  • High-definition LCD display with backlit
  • 0.7μl small blood sample
  • Fast testing time
  • No coding
  • AST (Alternative Site Testing)
  • Strip ejection
  • Accurate test result
  • Easy operation and portable
  • Bluetooth 4.0 transmission (optional)

Packing List

Glucometer G-427B

For more information about the products, please contact our sales representatives.

Can I use this device on Neonate?

This device is not intended for use on neonate.

Should I disinfect my fingers?

Yes, you should.

We strongly recommend our customers disinfect their fingers before and after measuring. This can help us avoid infection or cross-infection.

Do I need to turn off the device by myself?

No, you don’t have to turn off the device by yourself. Our device is equipped with auto-turn off functions, it will turn itself off automatically when no operations in 3mins.

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